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Elstar Therapeutics

Industry Partner

Elstar Therapeutics is fulfilling the promise of precision cancer immunotherapy through a powerful new approach to generating antibody-based, multi-functional therapeutics. Armed with a unique approach to engaging multiple immune mechanisms, we enable patients to harness their own body to fight cancer.Our Universal Targeted Immunotherapy (UniTI™) platform positions us to overcome barriers that have limited the full potential of other promising immunotherapeutic approaches.



Expertise Partner

MaxCyte is a global life sciences company applying its proprietary cell engineering technology platform to deliver the advances of cell-based medicine to patients with high unmet medical needs. MaxCyte has placed its cutting-edge Flow Electroporation® Technology instruments worldwide, with all of the top ten global biopharmaceuticals, and has 70+ partnered program licenses in cell therapy including 35+ licensed for clinical use. MaxCyte helps its partners to unlock the full potential of their products.