Mechanistic & Pharmacodynamic Studies of Duobody-CD3x5T4 In Preclinical In Vitro & In Vivo Models

Time: 2:40 pm
day: Day One


  • Discuss DuoBody®-CD3x5T4, an Fc-silenced CD3 bsAb that crosslinks CD3 on T cells with 5T4 on tumor cells
  • Hear how T-cell mediated cytotoxicity was induced by DuoBody-CD3x5T4 in 5T4+ tumor cells, associated with T-cell activation, proliferation and cytokine production in vitro
  • Learn how DuoBody-CD3x5T4 has shown preclinical anti-tumor activity in multiple solid cancer CDX/PDX models in humanized mice, which was associated with T-cell activation in the tumor and periphery