Thank You to Our Speakers, Sponsors and Delegates Who Attended the 2020 Digital Event!”

Clinically Advancing the Next Generation of Safe & Effective Multi-Specific Immune Cell Engaging Antibody Therapies for Solid Tumor Indications

Brought to you from the comfort of your own home, the Cell Engager Summit is the only meeting focused on developing multi-specific cell engaging therapies in liquid and solid tumor indications, accelerating early discovery innovation into the clinic.

Understand the very latest in construct design, immune cell biology, tumor associated activation, toxicity assessment, solid tumor targeting strategies, clinical insights and more.

Discover how to effectively scale complicated manufacturing of multi-specific cell engagers to reduce production costs and time whilst ensuring purity and quality of antibodies.

With 22+ hours of content, 2 interactive workshops and over 5 hours of networking with key industry leaders, this virtual conference will focus solely on cell engaging drugs and how to tackle key clinical and commercial challenges.

Join us as we unite experts online from across large pharma, innovative biotech and solution and service providers from around the world to harness the power of immune cell engagement to advance next generation cancer treatment to market.

Hear What Previous Attendees Have to Say:

“A fantastic overview of the complexity and exciting potential of immune cell engager”
Brian McGuiness,
Crescendo Biologics

“Well organized and focused on cytotoxic cell recruitment for cancer therapy. Comprehensive coverage of different technologies and strategies for enhancing therapeutic index at various stages of drug development”
Seung Chu, Xencor

“Engaging science and a variety of strong presentations and discussions highlighting innovative approaches that are being implemented and tested in the rapidly developing field of bispecifics”
John Rhoden, Eli Lilly