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About Event

The clinical proof of concept and potential of cell engager drugs has led to investments and collaborations exploding in the field of multi-specific cell engaging antibody drugs.

The Cell Engager Summit will address the key challengers hindering multi-specific cell engaging drugs from fulfilling their potential and becoming a mainstream cancer therapy.

Join industry leaders to:

  • Discover means to minimize toxicity of cell engagers in order to ensure patient safety
  • Overcome the logistical challenges of cell engagers by focusing on dosing regimens and the therapeutic window to develop easily administered drugs
  • Assess the limitations of cell engager drugs in solid tumor indications to create an effective design of cell engager drug to overcome the immunosuppressive tumor environment
  • Evaluate the impact of construct design and target selection on bioactivity, safety and efficacy
  • Discover the future potential of cell engager drugs in combination therapies to achieve maximum therapeutic response

For more information, download the full event guide.