Partnership Opportunities

Pharma and biotech have reached a critical junction; cell engagers have proven safe and effective. Now is the time to optimize drug constructs, maximize potency and efficacy, and mitigate on-target off tumor-toxicity.

C-level and Director level decision-makers across both haem malignancies and solid tumor targets are looking to unravel the next big approval.

Showcase your work to leaders across all stages of drug development and cancer types.

Why Partner With Us?

20+ leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic institutions are already on the agenda for the 6th Cell Engager Therapeutics Summit and emphasizing their commitment to developing the next generation of cell engagers. Be the first in the room as they are targeting solid tumors, recruiting more specific immune cells, and unlock a new era of precision immuno-oncology.

With a recent surge in approvals, the summit presents an opportunity to capitalize on this rapidly growing field of immunotherapy.

As new targets emerge and preclinical trials show promise, companies seek long-lasting collaborations with CROs and CDMOs to improve specificity and targeting, and manufacturing at scale. The regulatory approvals of cell engagers have been demonstrated that 2024 will bring the next big developments, promoting a focus on optimizing drug constructs, enhancing potency, and minimizing on-target off-tumor toxicity.

The 6th Cell Engager Therapeutics Summit serves as a platform for companies to showcase their expertise, solutions, and insights in a burgeoning industry. It offers a chance to form tailored partnerships and represent companies to a diverse audience, fostering collaboration and advancement in the field.

Gather market intelligence and enhance your company’s visibility and demonstrate leadership within a highly engaged meeting through tailored partnership opportunities.

Who Will You Meet?

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