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Clinically Advancing the Next Generation of Safe & Effective Multi-Specific Immune Cell Engaging Antibody Therapies for Solid Tumor Indications

The Cell Engager Summit is the only meeting focused on developing multi-specific cell engaging therapies in liquid and solid tumor indications; accelerating early discovery innovation into the clinic.

Overcome safety and toxicity challenges by increasing target specificity and improved cellular trafficking through informed target selection to ensure enhanced efficacy of your cell engager drug.

Discover how to effectively scale complicated manufacturing of multispecific cell engagers to reduce production costs and time whilst ensuring purity and quality of antibodies.

With 22+ hours of content, 2 interactive workshops and over 5 hours of networking with key industry leaders, this conference will focus solely on cell engaging drugs and how to tackle key clinical and commercial challenges.

Join us as we unite experts from across large pharma, innovative biotech and solution and service providers to bring to market safe and effective multi-specific immune cell engaging therapies.

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Hear What Previous Attendees Have to Say:

"The meeting was excellent. Fantastic presentations on the basic science as well as clinical experience"

"Very well organized meeting with top researchers in this field: great overview of a dynamic subject area"

"Very interesting presentations with an agenda and topics being current. The conference has been well organized and perfectly timed"