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Overcome Multi-Specific Antibody Developability Challenges at the Translational & Clinical Levels

Welcome to the 5th Annual Cell Engager Summit!

Tecytinib’s approval in 2022 fuelled the mentality that 2023 is the year of cell engager! Bispecifics have led the way and liquid tumors have been hit hard. Now Immunocore and others are starting to take the fight to solid tumors. 

The 5th Annual Cell Engager Summit returned this year dedicated to discovering everything there is to know about the immune cell engager landscape, including clinical successes, prospective response predictors, and cutting-edge immune cell-based engager therapeutic discoveries. 

80+ Cell Engager experts were at the most comprehensive 3-day cell engager meeting, leaving no stone unturned, this highly focussed meeting covered everything translational and clinical in greater depth and detail than any before it. Delved into the biggest challenges cell engager therapeutics face including increasing safety and efficacy in the solid tumor microenvironment, targeting tumor antigens, changing co-stimulatory receptors, and maximizing the quality of insights we gain from preclinical modeling.

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