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The 4th Annual Cell Engager Summit unites the leading innovative decision makers in molecular oncology, working to develop safe and effective therapeutic interventions. Join experts to examine the latest challenges faced in drugging these notoriously undruggable targets, whilst harnessing novel discovery and screening technologies that are streamlining drug development and opening the field up to new therapeutic possibilities.

In 2019, the Cell Engager Summit was the first meeting to unite important industry specialists from large pharma, biotech and academia to address safety, toxicity, and effectiveness issues with next-generation cell engagers, with a primary focus on solid tumors. 

This year, in 2022, we wanted to add one more aspect to those already present: the first event dedicated to examining the complementary properties of Non-T Cell Engagers and other IO modalities in depth

Why Partner?

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Take advantage of in person networking again! Generate leadsand build new relationships with senior-level decision-makers from leading pharma and biotech companies. 

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Secure a branding or speaking opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership, drive brand exposure and differentiate yourself from competitors.

A limited number of 15- and 30-minute speaking slots are available

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Secure an exhibition booth to showcase your expertise and educate the industry on how you can support and streamline their efforts.

Only 50% of booth space remaining! Reserve yours soon to avoid disappointment 

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Embrace the tech to meet your 2022 commercial objectives and educate key decision-makers on how your expertise can enable antibody-based modalities of both traditional T- and B-cell targeting forms, and innate cell types and specialized T-cells, to achieve their full potential and reach patients in need.  


To find out more about our bespoke partnership options and how we can support your business goals for 2022, contact us here.

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