Pre-Conference Workshop

Workshop A

Risk Mitigation in Translation & Clinical Development of Cell Engagers

14:00 - 17:00 EST | 11:00 - 14:00 PST

An ongoing challenge for the cell engager community is the question surrounding risk mitigation. Due to the potency of bispecific therapies redirecting the immune system, there are several drug safety risks, including cytokine release syndrome, and an appropriate dosing strategy must be determined and delivered.

This dedicated workshop has been put together to give you the opportunity to delve into this critical drug development challenge and learn how to assess novel drug candidate activity, what the implications are for clinical safety and efficacy, and best practice for putting in place safety mitigation strategies in your clinical study programs.

Attend this session to learn how you can:

• Mitigate against drug toxicity, including cytokine release syndrome, of novel drug candidates
• Predict potential drug safety challenges when developing novel drug designs
• Understand how to best prepare clinicians for on target off tumor toxicity
• Explore how combination approaches can be used to improve the safety profile of cell engagers
• Develop a dosing strategy for clinical trial investigations

Workshop Leader


Fernanda Arnaldez
Executive Director - Medical & Global Clinical