Pre-Conference Bootcamp Day

Tuesday May 24, 2022

Bootcamp Leaders

9:30 am Registration & Coffee

10:00 am Introductions & Group Icebreaker

Biology Bootcamp: Merging Innate & Adaptive Systems

10:15 am Human Tumor Infiltrating Gamma Delta T Cells


  • Focus on cancer immunotherapy applications (adoptive cell therapies)
  • Consider what this means for Delta 1 and Delta 2 subsets

10:45 am Gamma Delta Expansion Protocols for Immunotherapy


  • Key techniques for engineering these unique cell types for onco and non-onco conditions
  • Discuss methods for optimizing these processes

11:15 am Networking Break

11:45 am Engineering gdT Cells for Bystander Engagement

  • Jonathan Fisher NIHR Clinical Lecturer & GOSH Charity Springboard Fellow UCL; GOS Institute of Child Health, UCL


  • Discuss the vital concepts in Gamma Delta cell expansion
  • Identify key characteristics of each cell type

12:15 pm Healthy Donors and Standardized Leukopacks: Essential Elements of a Successful Allogeneic Cell Therapy Drug

  • Jennifer Chain Director - Research & Development, Oklahoma Blood Institute


  • Understand the importance of long-term, high-volume access to healthy donors to the success of any allogeneic cell therapy drug
  • Learn how to work with a network of blood center to identify ideal donors upon which to build cell therapies
  • Hear about blood center-led leukopack product standardization efforts and targeting of specific cell populations during the collection of leukopacks for further manufacture

12:45 pm Gamma Delta T-Cell Panel Q&A

1:30 pm Break

2:15 pm Sugar in T Cell Immune Response & Therapy: Good Vs. Bad

  • Wanjun Chen Senior Investigator Chief, Mucosal Immunology Section, NIDCR,NIH


  • Discuss sugar’s involvement in T cell metabolism and immune responses
  • Assess how high glycose intake exacerbates autoimmunity by induction of Th17 cells
  • Discover how D-mannose suppresses immunopathology by induction of Treg cells

Innate Immunity & Macrophage Targeting

2:45 pm Use of Polarized Monocyte/Macrophages as Adaptive ImmunoTransfer to Mitigate Inflammation & Initiate Cartilage Repair in Osteoarthritis Model


  • Comprehensive characterization of polarized peripheral monocytes
  • Preliminary assessment of scalability of polarized monocyte/macrophages in functionally closed system
  • Evaluation of polarized monocyte/macrophages in osteoarthritis in vitro and in vivo models

3:15 pm Immunometabolism & Macrophage Group Q&A

3:45 pm End of Pre-Conference Focus Day