Advancing the Development of Novel, Safe & Effective Multi-Specific Immune Cell Engagers for Solid & Liquid Tumors in the Clinic

With TCEs being studied in both hematological and solid tumors (39 and 34 trials respectively), there are now more than one hundred projects in the preclinical stage.

Early clinical outcomes and novel TCE design modifications have fueled the development and clinical advancement of over 65 bispecific T-cell engagers (TCEs), which are presently in Phase I and Phase II investigations since the Cell Engager Series began.

The 4th Annual Cell Engager Summit returns to bring you the latest on effectively targeting lymphocyte-restricted tumor-associated antigens to treat hematological malignancies, including CD19, CD20, BCMA, CD33, and CD123.

Learn all there is to know about the immune cell engager landscape, including clinical achievements, potential response predictors, and novel immune cell-based engager therapeutic discoveries.

You will leave this meeting with key steps to improving safety and efficacy in the solid tumor microenvironment through lower CRS, greater dose, and lower TMDD by targeting tumor antigens such as HER2 and EGFR, and modifying co-stimulatory receptors (for example CD137/4-1BB, CD28).

Ensure your Cell Engager program reaches full clinical potential through learning from the pioneers of immunotherapy.

4 Unmissable Highlights for 2022

  • Amgen will review their clinical development of AMG 509, a STEAP1 2+1 Xmab molecule targeting solid tumors
  • Cero and Affimed will discuss using innate and adaptive systems to create novel, rational combinations to open the therapeutic window
  • Amunix and Regeneron will explore and evaluate past progress and successes in a variety of tumor antigen targets 
  • Join leading academics from UCL, George Washington University and University of Toronto for our pre-conference immunology and cell engager biology day which will provide traditional perspectives on T cell engager biology, while broadening to consider biological concepts from innate and myeloid systems, as well as Treg and Gamma Delta T cells

Snapshot of the World-Class Speaker Faculty:

A-Z of Who Attends:

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Hear What Previous Attendees Have to Say

“A fantastic overview of the complexity and exciting potential of immune cell engager”
Brian McGuiness, Crescendo Biologics

“Well organized and focused on cytotoxic cell recruitment for cancer therapy. Comprehensive coverage of different technologies and strategies for enhancing therapeutic index at various stages of drug development”
Seung Chu, Xencor

“Engaging science and a variety of strong presentations and discussions highlighting innovative approaches that are being implemented and tested in the rapidly developing field of bispecifics”
John Rhoden, Eli Lilly