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Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt

Company: Compass Therapeutics

Job title: Vice President - Antibody Discovery & Engineering


Michael Schmidt, Ph.D., has served as VP of Antibody Discovery and Engineering at Compass Therapeutics since March 2017 where he oversees antibody discovery campaigns and optimization of monoclonal and bispecific leads. Prior to his current role, he was Senior Director of In Vitro Discovery where he led development of the company’s proprietary antibody libraries and selection platforms. Before joining Compass, Mike was Associate Director of Protein Engineering at Eleven Biotherapeutics where he oversaw early stage discovery and optimization of antibody and non-antibody drugs for ocular diseases. In this role, he led development of EBI-031, an intravitreal IL-6 antagonist for treatment of diabetic macular edema licensed to Roche in 2016, as well as a modified albumin PK extension technology licensed to Albumedix. Mike received his Ph.D. in biological engineering from MIT where his research focused on developing novel computational and experimental tools for improving antibody penetration in solid tumors. He earned his B.S. in biology from Villanova University.


A Novel Class of NK-cell Engagers for Tumor Targeting 9:30 am

• Compass Tx has developed a NK-cell engager platform targeting various tumor antigens • NK-cell engagers bind to tumor antigens on tumor cells and to NKp30 and CD16A (FcgRIIIA) on NK cells, specifically redirecting NK cells towards tumor cells expressing low level of tumor antigenRead more

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