Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Workshop A

9:00 am Noval Modalities: A Review

  • Patrick Baeuerle Chief Scientific Officer, Cullinan Oncology
  • Jeffrey Way President, General Biologics
  • Kate Rochlin Chief Operating Officer, IN8Bio
  • Amer Najjar Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics - Research, Division of Pediatrics, MD Anderson Cancer Center


The three approved cell engager antibodies currently available all have different engagers, different targets and different formats. Indicating that there is no one specific playbook to follow. Additionally, this also evidences that there is a lot of innovation taking place in the space. In this session, we will see examples of these modalities and hear from their senior leaders how they will change the game for the next generation of cell engagers. This will be highly cutting-edge work aimed at:

  • Improving the breadth of solid tumors these therapies will reach
  • The efficiency with which therapies can be produced and delivered
  • Drug delivery technologies that are improving therapeutic efficacy

Workshop B

1:00 pm Preventing and Predicting CRS


Gain an overview of recent learnings about the symptoms, effects and treatments for CRS from preclinical and clinical experts. Understanding what toxicities it is also important to be aware of with multispecific antibodies.

What we will discuss:

  • Is CRS really the most critical challenge for cell engagers in solid tumors?
  • What new cutting-edge approaches/technologies are improving our ability to predict toxicity?
  • What should a drug developer consider when outsourcing toxicity analysis vs doing it internally?
  • How well have attenuated CD3 binders mitigated CRS in practice and is there sufficient evidence to suggest this is a preferable approach?
  • Consider whether attenuation is the right strategy for solid tumors. Does this strategy truly make the drug less potent while avoiding toxicity AND maintaining efficacy? Is this order too tall to be achievable?