8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Widening the Therapeutic Window With a Varied Approach to Cell Engagement That Involves the Entire Immune System

9:00 am A Multipronged Approach to Activating the Power of the Innate Immune System: Innate Cell Engagers Monotherapy or in Combination with Other Agents

  • Joachim Koch Senior Director, Head Translational Research & Innovation, Affimed GmbH


  • Demonstrating the growing body of evidence that innate cell engagement provides new therapeutic options for patients in need
  • Sharing new data of Affimed’s Innate Cell Engagers (ICE® molecules) AFM13, AFM24 and AFM28
  • Outlining the three-pronged approach with the ICE® as monotherapy, or in combination with NK cell products or checkpoint inhibitors

9:30 am Panel Discussion: Leveraging Innate & Adaptive Systems to Open the Therapeutic Window with Novel, Rational Combinations

  • John Rossi Senior Vice President, Head of Translational Medicine , Cero Therapeutics Inc.
  • Sebastian Nijman Founder & Chief Scientific Officer Scenic, Biotech BV


  • Which approach holds more potential: doubling down on T-Cell activity through combination therapy with PD-1/PD-L1 (for example), or harnessing alternative cell types such as innate immune cell engagers and gamma delta T-Cells?
  • Evaluate the key risks and opportunities presented by each of these approaches
  • Consider the limitations of these areas
  • Discuss the ideal sequencing of agents to form a sustained response
  • What are the key risks and opportunities that are presented by each of these approaches?
  • What are the limitations of these areas?
  • What is the ideal sequencing of agents to induce a sustained response?

10:00 am
Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking Break

Presentation from Beacon Intelligence Bispecifics Team

  • Shailee Patel Research Analyst, Beacon Bispecific – Beacon Targeted Therapies

Inducing a Safer & More Sustained Immune Gamma Delta Response by Targeting Innate Immune Cell Engagers & γδ T-Cells

11:00 am Gamma-delta T-cells: Novel approaches to genetic engineering and cell-type specific therapeutic applications

11:30 am Targeting Tumor Macrophages to Change the Tumor Microenvironment from Immunosuppressive to Immune Active


  • Identifying synergy with checkpoint inhibitors, radiation and chemotherapy
  • Review current progress in the field

12:00 pm QPCTL: A Small Molecule Drug Target Modulating the Innate Immune Response


  • Hear how Scenic is developing a small molecule therapeutic in the oncology space
  • Understand how QPCTL modulates 2 key innate immune pathways, including CD47/SIRPa
  • Explore how QPCTL is a well understood MoA and extensively validated

12:30 pm
Lunch Break

1:30 pm Expanding Vd2 In Vivo For Immunotherapy

  • Roberta Martinell Principal Scientist, Immunology, Investigational Biology & Exploratory Science Center, Merck & Co


  • Hear about the development of a proprietary platform to expand vd2 T cells
  • Understand how expanded cells are activated and target multiple cancer cell types
  • Assess activated vd2 spare healthy cells

2:00 pm Cancer Immunotherapy Using TGF-Beta Conditioned Gamma Delta T Cells

  • John Maher Chief Scientific Officer , Leucid Bio


  • Explore how TGF-Beta enhances the yield and viability of expanded gamma delta T-cells
  • Discuss how gamma delta cells achieve more efficient tumor cell killing and cytokine release and resist suppression by TGF-Beta or PGE2
  • Understand how gamma delta cells mediate enhanced anti-tumor and anti-leukemic activity

Learnings From Treg & CAR Successes

2:30 pm The Present & Future of Treg Cell Therapy

  • Anke Fuchs Research Group Leader, Advanced Cellular Therapeutics, Mildred Scheel Nachwuchszentrum P2, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus


  • Gain an overview of Treg biology and how Tregs could theoretically be harnessed to improve Cell Engager therapies
  • Identify the key areas where Tregs are least understood

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:05 pm End of Conference