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Improving the Therapeutic Window of Cell Engagers – Addressing Toxicity, Half-Life and CRS

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Divya Mathur Director of Immuno-oncology, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

8:40 am Optimizing T-cell Bispecifics in the Treatment of Solid Tumors


  • Pfizer has several T-cell retargeting bispecific platforms currently in the clinical development
  • Reviewing the challenges and opportunities of Pfizer T-cell retargeting bispecific platforms in context of liquid and solid tumors
  • Evaluating factors that influence potency and safety of these molecules
  • Discussing Pfizer’s bispecific discovery and optimization platform and how it’s been used for the development of T-cell retargeting bispecifics against gastrointestinal tumors

9:05 am Generation of Bispecific & Trispecific T-Cell & NK Cell- Engagers From Any IgG Without Prior Reengineering


• Clinical-stage GlycoConnect™ technology highly suitable to generate immune cell engagers by selective attachment of scFv or cytokines (with concomitant Fc-silencing)
• Molecular antibody architecture can be tailored to 2 : 2 or 2 : 1 ratio (CDR : scFv/cytokine), or even further combinations thereof (2 : 1 : 1)
• Functional studies corroborate the biological activity of GlycoConnect™ bispecifics and trispecifics, in terms of binding, immune cell engagement and cell-killing potential

9:30 am Production of T Cell Engagers and complex protein therapeutics using E. coli SoluProâ


• T Cell Engagers with poor manufacturability can be improved using engineered E. coli SoluPro® cell lines
• A novel synthetic biology strategy using E. coli SoluPro® enables rapid and soluble expression of T Cell Engager and other complex therapeutic proteins
• Precise engineering of protein expression conditions, folding solutions, and cytoplasmic conditions enable optimization of parameters for production of high titer, high quality therapeutics

9:45 am Live Q&A – Ask our Speakers Your Burning Questions

10:00 am Improving the Therapeutic Index with Guided Antibody Tumor Engagers (GATETM)


• The goal of the Revitope’s two-component bi-specific GATETM platform is to address the key liabilities of traditional T cell engagers, namely off-target and on-target/off-tumor toxicities
• The Revitope GATETM platform incorporates several design features to focus T cell redirection to the tumor
• Key design features include requirements for dual antigen expression in the tumor, tumor protease driven cleavage and activation, and a built in PK switch to limit systemic exposure of GATETM once activated in the tumor

10:25 am Utilizing its conditionally activated COBRA platform in the solid tumor space to demonstrate an improved therapeutic window over conventional T-cell engagers

  • Danielle Dettling Senior Director, Pre- Clinical Pharmacology, Maverick Therapeutics

10:50 am Live Q&A – Ask our Speakers Your Burning Questions

11:00 am Networking Break

11:30 am Panel Discussion: Risk Mitigation Measures & Dosing Strategy for Cell Engager Drug Candidates


• Strategies to identify and mitigate risks for first in–human studies
• Predict safety issues with novel cell engager design
• Ensure there are risk mitigation measures for cytokine release syndrome in study protocols
• Explore dosing strategies to maximize safety and therapeutic potential of cell engager drug candidates in hematological and solid tumor indications

12:15 pm Virtual Networking Lunch

1:05 pm Improving the Therapeutic Window of T-Cell Engagers

  • Bruce Keyt Chief Scientific Officer, IGM Biosciences


• IGM-2323 update on bispecific CD20xCD3

1:30 pm Safety & Efficacy of T-Cell Engagers with Low Agonist Activity in Oncology & Infectious Diseases


• T-cell engagers with low agonist activity are safe and efficacious in oncology patients
• Safe T-cell engagers could potentially lead to applications outside oncology, such as chronic hepatitis B infections

1:55 pm Live Q&A – Ask our Speakers Your Burning Questions

Overcoming the Tumor Microenvironment

2:05 pm Tuning the NK Cell Response to Soluble Factors in the Tumor Microenvironment


• 100% of NK cells within tumors express activating receptors for tumor ligands
• Several soluble factors within the tumor microenvironment can suppress NK cell cytotoxicity
• Engineering NK cell resistance to combinations of these factors leads to tumor regression

2:30 pm Macrophage Repolarization as a Key Strategy in Changing Tumor Microenvironment


• Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) are critical cells corroborating cancer progression and often preventing responses to therapies across multiple cancer type
• Verseau is utilizing its proprietary all human drug discovery and translation platform to develop a pipeline of macrophage repolarizing therapeutics
• Macrophage repolarization induces a pro-inflammatory state, that in turn activates T cells and attracts other immune cells to generate a powerful antitumor response. Given multifaceted nature of macrophage biology, we anticipate the need to direct reprogramming via highly differentiated novel molecular pathways. Data on Verseau lead monoclonal antibody programs will be presented

2:55 pm Presentation Title To Be Announced

  • Rick Austin Vice President, Research , Harpoon Therapeutics

3:20 pm Live Q&A – Ask our Speakers Your Burning Questions

Developing a Biomarker Strategy for Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development

3:45 pm ROI on Clinical Biomarkers, CDx and Precision Medicine

  • Saileta Prabhu VP/Global Head, Clinical Biomarker Innovation & Development, Takeda


• Streamline biomarkers in clinical development to help with decision-making
• Overcome challenges in CDx development

4:10 pm Biomarker strategies for optimal Immuno-Oncology combinations

  • Nuzhat Pathan Senior Director, Translational and Immuno-Oncology, Pfizer


  • Tumor intrinsic and extrinsic factors determine response to cancer therapy
  • Biomarker based tumor classification is helpful for designing therapeutic combination strategies
  • Successful biomarker driven combination strategies have been developed in multiple tumor types

4:35 pm Live Q&A – Ask our Speakers Your Burning Questions

  • Saileta Prabhu VP/Global Head, Clinical Biomarker Innovation & Development, Takeda
  • Nuzhat Pathan Senior Director, Translational and Immuno-Oncology, Pfizer

4:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:55 pm End of Conference