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With 3 days, 20+ hours of tailored content, 1 interactive bootcamp, and 5+ hours of in-person networking, the 4th Annual Cell Engager Summit returns as the only industry-led face-to-face meeting to delve into the progress of immunotherapy medicines in precision oncology tactics.

This must-attend meeting will provide a comprehensive understanding of the development of multi-specific cell engaging therapeutics in liquid and solid tumor indications, with the goal of bringing early-stage innovation to the clinic. Address effectiveness problems such as T cell depletion in solid tumors, toxicity in hematological malignancies, and toxicity in hematological tumors, using carefully validated techniques.

You'll learn how development teams are targeting tumor antigens such as HER2 and PSMA, and regulating co-stimulatory receptors (CD137/4-1BB, CD28), to improve the therapeutic window for cell engagers in the solid tumor microenvironment.


Targeting Solid & Hard to Treat Liquid Tumors: Designing the Next Generation of Cell Engagers

Toxicity & Safety: Risk Mitigation in Translation & Clinical Development Of Cell Engagers

Selecting Appropriate Targets to Pursue

Refining Your Dosing Strategy

Widening the Therapeutic Window with a Varied Approach to Cell Engagement

Inducing a Safer & More Sustained Immune Response by Targeting Innate Immune Cell Engagers & γδ T-Cells

Combination Treatments to Break the TME & Enable T-Cell Penetration

Harnessing Co-Stimulatory Targets to Enhance Therapeutic Binding

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