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The Definitive Industry-Lead Cell Engager Summit

Learn from case studies of how leading biopharma are back translating clinical insights, improving engineering by tuning down the affinity via adapting engager format, and mitigating cytokine release syndrome.

Debate combination conundrums, discover novel targeting strategies, and recruit immune cell subgroups to uncover a new era of precision and personalized medicine in oncology.

This is your one stop shop for all things immune cell engager whether your passion is T-cell engagers, BiTe’s, gamma delta engagers and NK engagers. With expertise and backgrounds from cell therapy to protein engineering, to clinicians and oncologists this is the definitive forum dedicated to this groundbreaking immunotherapy.

If your team is currently ahead of the curve and leading this approach, of if you are diversifying your pipeline through a deeper understanding of tumor biology and immune co-stimulation, or simply inspired by 7 stunning approvals, this is the meeting for you.

5 Key Takeaways:



evidence of disease progression and potential immune escape or resistance mechanisms from post-approval studies to gain a real-world lens to streamline development into actionable insights and improve safety profiles with CDR-Life.


knowledge of cell recruitment to solid tumors to localize targeting and enhance immune response, minimizing systemic toxicity, following a stream of approvals in haem cancers, with Astellas


immune potency through integration of co-stimulation to improve immune cell activity and unlocking new synergies to target solid tumors with Regeneron


and assemble novel formats to optimize BITE structure to increase binding selectivity and mitigate toxicity with Sanofi


intracellular targets to create a new generation of T cell engagers to treat more cancer types with Crossbow Therapeutics

Who Will You Meet?

Are you looking to meet with all the key decision makers in the covalent space, including CXOs, VPs, and Directors of Discovery, Medicinal and Biological Chemistry?

Join with this niche community over 3 days to advance the field and discuss next generation therapeutics. This gathering of cell engager and bispecifics experts and key opinion leaders from academia is your perfect opportunity to assess the field, take back actionable insights to your team, and realize the potential of the next generation of cell engagers.

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“Quality presentations” – Scientist, Janssen

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“Outstanding value, great speakers provided excellent content on very hot space!” - Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Link Immunotherapeutics